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Upstream Manufacturing

upstream manufacturing

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JOINN Biologics

Upstream Manufacturing

JOINN Biologics’ upstream manufacturing provides on time, high quality, compliant cGMP production services from vial to final production vessel using stainless steel bioreactors up to 1000L production capacity, and single use bioreactors up to 500L production capacity. 

Well Equipped Technologies

The upstream manufacturing suites are equipped with a wide variety of cell culture production equipment as well as many advanced in-process testing technologies that include:

  • Rocker-based Bioreactors
  • 200L and 500L Single-use Bioreactor systems
  • 50L Sartorius Stainless Steel Bioreactor systems
  • 200L and 1000L ABEC Stainless Steel Bioreactor systems
  • Cell culture analyzers: Vi-Cell, Cedex Bio analyzer, pH/gas analyzer, osmometer, microscopes, etc.

Downstream GMP Process

To prepare samples for downstream GMP process, we can clarify cell culture by centrifugation, depth filtration and micro filtration using traditional or single-use methods. We are equipped with:

  • Westfalia Centrifuge Skid for centrifugation
  • FlexAct Depth and micro filtration skid for filtration

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