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Cell Line Development

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Cell Line Development

Obtaining a highly productive, single cell derived stable cell line is essential for manufacturing biological drug substance. JOINN Biologics’ highly efficient cell line development process can meet such growing needs and accelerated timelines.  Using a combination of high through-put imaging, screening, single cell printing technologies and early product analysis, we are able to evaluate every step in the CHO cell line development process.  Our optimized workflow demonstrates successful selection of clonal cell lines with high productivity, high quality and monoclonality.  

JOINN offers our customers the access to an experienced cell line development team with choices of two host cell platforms.


JOINN-CHO is a CHO-K1 cell derived, JOINN Bio proprietary cell line development platform for generating biomanufacturing cell lines expressing recombinant antibodies and proteins.  The host cell line is well adapted in chemically defined media and grows as suspension to high cell densities, which makes it an ideal choice for cGMP manufacturing of biological products.  The traceability of the cell line is fully documented and available. 

JOINN-CHO stable cell line development platform comes with an optimized and complete media system and demonstrated superior performance in protein production.


CHOZN® is a CHO-K1 cell derived, GS knockout cell line developed by MilliporeSigma.  The platform demonstrated robust performance in generation of manufacturing stable cell lines for therapeutic antibodies and proteins.  The CHOZN® platform has reasonable, clearly-defined rights for development and commercialization.

Both cell line development platforms use an expression vector carrying Glutamine synthetase gene and two expression cassettes. Media and procedures are chemically-defined and animal-derived-component free.

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