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Master Cell Banking

master cell banking

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Master Cell Banking

Master Cell Banks (MCB) are needed for cell lines used to produce products in manufacturing campaigns.

A MCB is generated from a research cell bank (RCB) when cell line development is completed. Cells from a RCB are thawed and expanded, and when cell counts reach the desired number, a MCB is prepared and stored in a LN2 freezer. 

Samples of the MCB are taken for characterization, stability and safety studies.  At JOINN Bio, tests for MCB may include the following to ensure quality of our Master Cell Bank:

Master Cell Banking Characterization

Confirmation and stabilityNucleic Acid Sequencing
Southern Blot For Genomic DNA
Gene Copy Number Determination
Restriction Endonuclease Analysis
Safety Sterility
Electron Microscopy
In Vitro Viral Assay
In Vivo Viral Assay
Viral Particle Testing
Antibody Production Assays

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